Our Story

UpUp Family photo - Lukas, Keiko and Eli

Lukas Armstrong and Keiko Lee-Hem are the partners-in-life-and-design team behind the UpUp Play Tower. Through A Good Life Design they create quality products that inspire connection and creativity through simple, beautiful and functional design.

Their collaboration began in 2000 when they met at art school in Vancouver, Canada. UpUp is their most recent collaboration. Others of note include the multi-generational certified Passive House triplex that they affectionately call Bedford RoadHouse (where they live with Lukas' mother and brother), and of course, their son Elias.

The UpUp Team

UpUp creator Lukas Armstrong

Lukas Armstrong is a principal at Cover Architectural Collaborative Inc, an architecture firm based in Nelson, BC. He was raised in northern British Columbia on a 160 acre, solar-powered ranch. After working in a variety of trades, including the construction industry, he entered school to study sculpture, industrial design, and architecture. This combination of hands-on experience and formal education delivers projects that are sustainable, practical and beautiful.

Contact Lukas: lukas@upupplaytower.com

UpUp creator Keiko Lee-Hem

Keiko Lee-Hem is a graphic designer, artist and consummate entrepreneur. She was born and raised on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean and moved to Vancouver, Canada a few days after her 16th birthday. She created her first products for sale at the age of 10 and hasn't stopped since.

Contact Keiko: keiko@upupplaytower.com

 The UpUp Story

The Original UpUpThe UpUp Play Tower was inspired by our toddler's constant need for "Up, up!" and our desire to keep him active and engaged indoors during the long winter months. Lukas used his training in architecture and industrial design to create a piece of furniture that gives Eli a way to get “up” on his own, as well as opportunities for fun physical activity and play. Here is a photo of him trying out the unit for the first time. We knew by the look on his face that we were on to something good.

Beautiful Nelson, BC

A Good Life Design is based in the beautiful mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Every day we are grateful for the mountains and lakes all around us, for the good soil that so generously provides for us and for the opportunity to be part of such a dynamic and creative community. 

[Family portraits by Jenn P. Photography]