So Much More than Play

Empower and Engage

UpUp Play Tower - Empower + Engage

The standing desk allows a child to climb up to counter-height safely on their own. Once there, they can be easily included and engaged in the activities of the moment, without needing to be carried on one hip. Look at me! Hands free!

UpUp's counter top is perfect for cooking, eating, crafting and having important face-to-face conversations with your little one. It also acts as an extension of your existing counter top space, and you can never have too much of that. The UpUp also fits well into family rooms, bedrooms, daycares and really wherever your child spends most of their time.

UpUp parent testimonial

Develop Strength and Confidence

UpUp Play Tower - Strength + Confidence

UpUp's jungle gym features monkey bars, a swing and portholes for peeking or crawling through. Physical play helps your little one develop strength and confidence while having fun indoors, not to mention getting all tuckered out in time for a good nap. A game of chase gets more interesting when there’s a short cut through the tower that only your little one can take advantage of.

A Space All Their Own 

UpUp's interior space is just the right size for cozying up with some pillows, a book and best fuzzy friend. Perfect for active games or quiet contemplation, it allows the child to “get away”, and adds to their sense of autonomy.

UpUp Play Tower - A Space of their Own