The UpUp Play Tower

The UpUp Play Tower

The UpUp Play Tower is a high chair and/or standing desk, a jungle gym and a play space all rolled into one compact design.

These features work together to make life easier, more engaging and enjoyable for both parents and children. On a deeper level, the UpUp Play Tower supports a child's physical, emotional and cognitive development at a time when it mattes most.


A clean and contemporary yet friendly look appeals to the big and little people in the home. The furniture grade baltic birch plywood has a clear finish that is healthy, durable and easy to clean. The multifunctional nature allows UpUp to replace a number of other furniture pieces. The aesthetics are contemporary and universal, allowing the UpUp to fit comfortably in any home.

The UpUp Family

UpUp Product line

The family of products has grown to include a matching stool so adults can sit comfortably at the tower too, as well as a small bucket seat "high chair" that inserts securely into the tower. This, in combination with the adjustable/removable standing platform, allows the UpUp Play Tower to serve you and your child from infancy to adolescence.

Infancy to Adolescence

UpUp Play Tower - bucket seat

UpUp Play Tower - infancy to adolescence

The UpUp Play Tower is designed to adapt as your child grows. The bucket seat can be used as soon as your little one can sit up on their own - typically between 5 and 7 months old. The standing platform height can be adjusted until it drops away completely and the UpUp Play Tower becomes a standing desk for a pre-teen or adolescent. Add the shelving units that are in the works and it becomes a functional work station. This adaptability gives UpUp a functional lifespan of 10 years or more.

UpUp Play Tower lifespan